Forest Garden Estate Righted


The Dream

I see Carlos, my best friend, helping and my working it out with Sebastian and the other horses in every situation especially the simplest and most basic. This is genuine connection and communication which are divine – money does not come into it. If it is right, it is RIGHT. More is not better: small and significant is. QUALITY IS THE KEY. I feel a sense of togetherness, here. You see,  truly being yourself in every moment and situation, nothing new is needed only to make the best of what is there. So feel free enough to walk with a light step.


One response to “Forest Garden Estate Righted

  1. Ian, I am so struck by what you are writing here… I think a book is in the process of writing itself through you…. thank you for being an open channel, present in the moment, receiving and sending these clear, compelling insights that ignite my soul.

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