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Enter Gretel

Enter Gretel

Not just another horse: another personality! Her mother, the mare, Doll, learned to rely on us, so when Gretel was born, she entrusted her to us. And so you have a horse that sees people as friends rather than foes – with her mane in front of her eyes,  she is quite a punk and full of herself. Today, she was lively once out of her stable, doing karate kicks in all direction, limbering up just like when she was little. We never dreamed of a horse quite like her, but nature likes to surprise us, doesn’t she?



The Hidden Potential in an ‘Empty’ Room

Imagine dreaming of ‘blank walls’ like I did and the terrifying thought of the Man who couldn’t Dream, couldn’t find release and solutions. So, now, ‘showering’ – I am being drawn to water as a solution and the sea of existence. Balance and counter balance inside and out. Looking for a dream during the day to compensate for the walls: dreams are all around you.



The Rationale: We may sometimes access the unconscious by dreaming, especially when confronted by the illusive concept of sustainability.  But, then, the hard part begins: how does the dream apply to our reality and act as the creative solution that we are seeking to discover? Well, the process here is simple:  let’s try looking at the revelations from all perspectives, then, throwing them around a little until the meaning bounces right back at us. Hence, please, feel free to comment. Let the bouncing begin:-)