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Pledge to the Invisible!

The unconsciousness is not limited to the instinctual reflex processes of the cortical centers; it also extends beyond consciousness and, with its symbols, anticipates future conscious processes. It is therefore quite as much a ‘supra-consciousness.” Jung

Because we believe that one moment is more or less like the next, we lose touch with the essential urgency of the present, the fact that each passing moment is the one moment for the practice of freedom.” Robert Grudin (Time and the Art of Living)

People speak of belief when they have lost knowledge. Belief and disbelief in God are mere surrogates. The native primitive doesn’t believe, he knows, because the inner experience rightly means as much to him as the outer. He still has no theology and hasn’t yet let himself be befuddled by booby trap concepts. He adjusts his life – of necessity – to outer and inner facts, which he does not – as we do – feel to be discontinuous. He lives in one world …” Jung

The vision I have been dealing with this morning is death. Once that happens, the ‘game’ is over, so you have to do everything in your power to make the best of life. You slack up a bit, don’t give it your best shot, don’t go out on a limb; take it where it needs to go or you’ll lose out big time and be doomed to small time and life in the shadows of what might have been.

One morning, I woke up and looked in at Lucy, our alpha mare, and there on the floor was a perfect, but stillborn, foal. the result of extreme hardship and a moment of doubt. What would this perfect being teach me?

Ours is to focus on life and the living and those still to be born. Yes, to prepare the way with EVERYTHING we can muster. Raise your head little foal… I await your return.

Picture, Promise, curtsey of Kim McElroy 


Enter Gretel

Enter Gretel

Not just another horse: another personality! Her mother, the mare, Doll, learned to rely on us, so when Gretel was born, she entrusted her to us. And so you have a horse that sees people as friends rather than foes – with her mane in front of her eyes,  she is quite a punk and full of herself. Today, she was lively once out of her stable, doing karate kicks in all direction, limbering up just like when she was little. We never dreamed of a horse quite like her, but nature likes to surprise us, doesn’t she?


Enter Gertrude

“The creative process might be simplified if we stopped searching for ideas and simply made room for them to visit…” Robert Grudin

“The many species that constitute the living world have no voice to ask for our compassion, wisdom and leadership: participating in ‘breaking the silence’ is an act of solidarity… “(?)

“The more you let yourself be distracted from where you are going, the more you are the person that you are. It’s not so much like getting lost as it is like getting found.” William Stafford

And so enter Gertrude. Well, there was no way that I could keep her out for much longer. She is a dream breaker. She gets  your attention and snaps you out of the deepest trance. She wants you to be part of the moment and nowhere else. In sum, cats break trances with ‘their’ dances and direct non-negotiable communications, especially at meal time.  I try not to be charmed by her, but it is difficult. She would spring out of the photo if she could and cat-ch you, too.

Gertrude wins  the day! Welcome in Gertrude: people will love you here, too, and want to know just what you are about… there is no dog or cat or person who will get the better of her. She is part of the equation of existence whether we like it or not.  Oh, you cat of cats!

P.S.: If you are curious,  see how Gertrud ‘springs’ out all over the place and  join the fun  here. How many times does she appear unexpectedly? Curiosity hasn’t killed this cat….. yet!

Forest Garden Estate Righted


The Dream

I see Carlos, my best friend, helping and my working it out with Sebastian and the other horses in every situation especially the simplest and most basic. This is genuine connection and communication which are divine – money does not come into it. If it is right, it is RIGHT. More is not better: small and significant is. QUALITY IS THE KEY. I feel a sense of togetherness, here. You see,  truly being yourself in every moment and situation, nothing new is needed only to make the best of what is there. So feel free enough to walk with a light step.